If you have a site and want to use our API then you can use it via a dedicated API endpoint.

We are providing API access. If your application is non-commercial then you can use it for free within applied limits.

To apply for API access, please submit application via our contact form or you can drop an email to [email protected]

We have a dedicated page for the GenYoutube API layer which is available here: YTStream API

Iframe API

MP3 Download button

<iframe src="//mp3api.genyt.info/?id=YOUTUBE_VIDEO_ID" style="width:100%;height:60px;border:0;" scrolling="no"></iframe>

MP4 Download button

<iframe src="//mp4api.genyt.info/?id=YOUTUBE_VIDEO_ID" style="width:100%;height:206px;border:0;" scrolling="no"></iframe>